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Bathtub is a psychological drama about intimacy with an element of dark humor. Acko is a Swedish woman in her early 40’s who lives in a run-down building in Queens, New York. When experiences intensified libido during the 8th month of pregnancy she is ignored by her American boyfriend who is repelled by her unpredictable body. A water leak in their bathroom leads to Acko initiating a codependent affair with impotent adult performer Aaron working in the neighbor apartment. Soon Acko explores dark and obscure dimensions of what intimacy can be.

Info & Credits

Directed by
Vera Sjunnesson
Vera Sjunnesson
Produced by
David Herdies / MOMENTO FILM

Diva Cup
Spec Commercial 2017



Short film, 2016

An affectionate moment in synchronized swimming class raises twelve-year-old Mira's courage to test the boundaries of her friendship with the coach.

Starring :
Momo Burns-Min
Eileen Weisinger

Vera Sjunnesson
+46 (0)763-196-231 (se)

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Jan 2016:
- Gothenburg Film Festival, Startsladden (Best Swedish Short) Nominee
April-May 2016:
- Svensk Kortfilm c/o Folkets Bio
- Stockholm Experimental & Animation Film Festival

June 2016:
- Capalbio International Film Festival
Sept 2016:
- Nordisk Panorama Film Festival
- Cinema Queer Int Film Festival
Oct 2016:
- Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Dec 2016:
- KORT og KALD in Hammerfest, Norway

The businessman, the mosquito and the dragon

Documentary in 5 parts, 2013
By vera sjunnesson

To present my obsession with chinoiserie, i worked as an investigator through a documentary filmmaker approach, and also as an utopist looking for a dreamt world which is actually born in my upside down mind. This documentary series was part of a video installation.

Short film, 2013